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If you are having the local business, you can attract geographically relevant traffic to your website, which interns boost especially local ranking and targeted customer demographic in the market. Having business set up in particular location, that good you are eligible to utilize one more search engine optimization service that is local SEO marketing. Local SEO is one of the best and proven strategies of the search engine optimization. It is the optimization process for generating a local result in search engine result page.

Why use Local business SEO?

About 75% people search online for the local product or services provider like restaurant, electronic gadgets, theater etc. If you are one of the local product or service providers in your city, then our organization is the best local SEO Company for you. Cohort Technology Pvt. Ltd will offer the local SEO optimization for your business. We will add your location and website on the Google map that will let the customer know about your contact details like name, address, phone number etc. When people get to know that your website has a physical presence as well, that will help you to build trust on the targeted audience and more potential customer will attract to you. Once your location of the website is set properly on the Google map this increase more visibility to your local audience, more visibility means more traffic, more traffic means more customers, more customers means more lead, more lead more lead generation, more lead generation means more lead conversion. More lead conversion leads to high business profit, more branding, more positive reviews and made you best business in your city. This will directly help, to drag the more local traffic to your website compared to the competitors. If the search optimization in a local market is good, it gives the more global business as well. Once the location of the website is set, then Cohort technology will shift to the local SEO strategy. The way of application of Local SEO is same as that of regular SEO so it uses both offpage and onpage SEO.

  1. The local SEO optimization will perform the analysis of your products and services and market research for them.
  2. Our local SEO expert will try to generate more appropriate and relevant keyword for your website as well as try to build link which will be visible in local directories.
  3. We will develop content on social media platform, considering your product or service with the relevance of the location to attract more traffic to your website.
  4. We will analyze the Local SEO strategy on a regular interval and do modification accordingly.
In this way, we will strategically plan the local SEO and review it, so that your website should be always at the top on search engine result page. We will leave no stone unturned to get you in the top of the local SEO directory.